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iRevelar is a veteran and minority owned business. iRevelar is experienced in managing and mitigating responses to security, investigations, threats, and analysis for law enforcement, military and corporate partners. Special investigations experience in fraud, auto theft, cyber/identity theft, and fire and arson investigation.


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August D’Avila

August is a National Security and Investigations professional experienced in managing and mitigating responses to security, investigations, threats, and analysis for military, law enforcement and corporate partners. He is Director at iRevelar Forensic Credibility Solutions, a service provider for Converus. He works closely and collaborates with law enforcement agencies.

August is an accomplished SME in HUMINT exploitation and analysis and served the Department of the Army for over 15 years in operations, exploitation, analysis and collection. He was Training Manager and Course instructor at HT-JCOE JAICC exploitation course. August has also provided National Security expertise while on deployments to Afghanistan. He is a veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom and has had multiple deployments to Afghanistan.

He also has experience in the following: National Security & Force Protection, Cyber Information and Security, Credibility Assessment, Fraud, Auto, and Fire Investigations



Masters Degree in Strategic Security/Terrorism and Counterterrorism Studies degree.

Activities & Affiliations

  • Chief of Police Association (Sponsor)

  • Veteran of Foreign Wars


Investigation Specialist


Investigation Specialist

Gonzalo Wilches

Gonzalo Wilches has 20 years professional experience in national security, force protection, insider threat, threat mitigation, vulnerability assessment, and international terrorism.  He has worked with government agencies and military in response to security needs.  He was part of an advisory team and liaison while working overseas.  Mr. Wilches holds a Masters Degree in Bioethics, and Psychology.  He has worked extensively in this field abroad and locally.  He is fluent in Spanish and English.  


Masters Degree in Bioethics, and Psychology

Activities & Affiliations

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  • **Under Construction **


Aerial Imagery Specialty


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