Information Driven.



We use EyeDetect technology to conduct tests for screening for sensitive positions, and backgrounds.  We also use EyeDetect for investigations into fraud, theft, sexual assault, cheating, child sex solicitation, cybercrimes, trafficking, drug use, counterfeiting, identity theft, homicide, sabotage, stealing confidential information, terrorism, unauthorized disclosure of classified information, gang affiliation, and organized crime, etc.

We have conducted thousands of tests for Screening, Credibility, Investigations and Security, for clients just like you. We manage multiple clients throughout our day and receive many compliments on our process, efficiency, and professionalism. Our tests can be written for clients in their native tongue in over 30 different languages.

We accommodate scheduling as much as possible to your schedule. Often times you may need a Credibility test conducted more quickly than usual. iRevelar Services understands these situations. Helping you resolve the issue is a priority to us.  In just minutes, our office can process your request, assign a certified examiner, acquire your case specifics, create specific tests for the accusation, and schedule you for a test promptly.

The presentation of the results from Credibility Testing is clear, accurate, and scientifically supported. Our reports can be emailed as a PDF file within minutes after testing. Our reports can be sent in digital formats via email or we can produce paper reports.

We have several sites to conduct testing. Please fill out our consultation form so we can schedule you accordingly.

  • 610 S 850 E #4, Lehi, UT 84043

  • 3450 N Triumph Blvd Ste 102, Lehi, UT, 84043

  • 9980 South 300 West, Sandy, UT 84070



We provide basic interview, and advanced interview training on Saturdays.  Training is a 4hour block of instruction, and includes one on one mentoring, feedback, video review, Q and A, questioning techniques, themes, exploiting information, deception, confessions, credibility assessment, analysis, lead development, and practical exercise.  This training is based on best practices, experience, to improve your skills in more thorough, efficient, and fruitful interviews.  Training is open to new or seasoned investigators.  Class size is limited to 6.

BASIC INTRO:  SAT AM 08:00am -12:00pm (4hours)

ADVANCED:    SAT PM 01:00pm - 05:00pm (4hours)



Digital Forensics, digital intelligence.  Data or Information that may have been lost or corrupted we can examine, image, and recover.  We can professionally recover data from hard drives, RAIDs, solid state drives, flash drives, SD Cards, and tapes.  Pricing schedule that includes a free professional diagnostic evaluation, guaranteed all-inclusive price quote, for completed projects, and "No data - No charge" commitment.  All recovery operations are performed on image copies.



We start with the ABC’s of risk; area, boundary, contents.  We work at the boundary and towards the core acquiring information of the inner workings of the protected site to develop a risk analysis.  If you feel needs an updated assessment or your site is not secure for whatever reason, give us a call and we can provide a comprehensive report on threat vulnerabilities, access, egress, security, recommendations, threat vulnerability, “needs” assessment, security gaps , and “hazards” assessment. 




Get premium quality aerial photos & video captured by one of our vetted and experienced professional drone photographers. We provide our pilots with necessary training to get it right the first time and on time.

We take the time necessary to understand your business objectives prior to launching any project. We understand that not all projects and properties are alike and that a cookie-cutter template won’t always work for you.

Transform ordinary photography into spectacular commercial imagery with 4K aerial videography. Get high resolution-quality drone photos of previously unobserved angles. Easy to schedule. Fast turnaround.  Get orthomosaics, 3D maps, volume measurements, and digital elevation models.

Give us details about your project, we schedule a flight mission date, then you download your aerial imagery after completion



Police and Fire Departments Active Scene or Site

Use orthomosaics maps to map highly frequented locations in cities such as malls, and schools.  In the event of an active shooter scenario, fire, or other disaster that would require people to evacuate; of some kind of tactical response, these maps can help responders better understand the specific situation they will be facing on the scene. 

Documenting Crime Scenes

An orthomosaics map allows investigators to look back over a crime scene after they’re gone.  Use orthomosaics maps to map highly frequented locations in cities such as malls, and schools.  Get a better view of an area within the scope of an investigation.  Capture different angles and views. Get perspective of a complicated area.

Search and Rescue

Map or see areas covered by search and rescue crews.  Follow day to day progress on/off trails and from never before seen angles.

Mapping After Disasters

Orthomosaics maps can provide detailed accounts of damage in a given location so responders can assess their response to the emergency.   

Commercial Real Estate & Development

Showcase your property, highlight its location, and call attention to unique features.

Construction & Engineering

Track and monitor construction progress and showcase your completed project with stunning aerial imagery. Photos and videos are perfect for capturing everything going on at a construction site, from big machinery to indoor facilities to all the hard work that goes on from start to finish.

Residential Real Estate

Sell your listings faster with beautiful aerial drone photography. Showcase the features of the property, capture the surrounding landscape, and put the location of the property into perspective. Get fully edited photos from a variety of heights, angles, and directions, highlighting everything your listing has to offer.


See your solar panels from the sky. Follow construction progress. View oil pumps and stations from never-before seen angles. Do it all easily with drone photography.