law enforcement

Law Enforcement

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Law Enforcement 

Schedule a DEMO introduction to EyeDetect or request a proposal for your department’ s investigation and recruitment needs.


We can conduct a 30 minute DEMO with hands on use, Q&A,  and Science and research supportive material.


We can tailor hardware, software, licenses, and training based on trends in department needs.  For example, a typical small police force would carry from two to four EyeDetect stations for recruitment and investigations.  Larger departments would start at four and then adjust accordingly.  Test licenses are required.

Recruitment Screening 

EyeDetect has been used significantly in screening candidates for security, insider threat, public safety, and force protection globally.  The screening conducted initially in recruitment greatly reduces the cost, and time to get the forces in the training phase.


EyeDetect can be used in all types of investigations.  The type of investigation could be from a sexual accusation, to homicide, fraud, theft, counterfeit, forgery, insider threat, etc. these tests would be considered specific issue tests.  There are some already created for use or you may create one.

Consent Form

Download your Consent Form here.  For Law Enforcement Use.  This consent form informs the person taking the test of their willingness to take it and information on testing process.

Hardware and Software Setup

Shortcut to set up and testing.

  1. Stand By

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Create a Specific Issue Test

The specific issues will be defined from the case itself.  Most likely the information needed to create this test is information about the crime.  A certified EyeDetect administrator trained in your department will be readily prepared to accomplish this.  The basic information needed is as follows:

  1. Victims name

  2. Date(s)and time(s)of incident

  3. Statement of accusation or crime

  4. Where incident occurred.

Sex Offender Screening

First time offender.

Recidivist offender.


Test Results

Test results are readily available within 5 minutes at the conclusion of testing.  

Technical Support



Deception Detection Certificate requires watching and hands on with the EyeDetect hardware and software.   Choose the personnel you desire to have this training.  There is no limit to number of personnel, this just depends on availability, accessibility, and frequency of use.